Confessions of a Flat-Chested Girl


I remember sixth grade like it was yesterday.  All the girls were starting to “develop” which meant they were wearing training bras.  “Develop” was the word they used back then; I’m not sure what they call it these days but I kept wondering why all the growth action kept avoiding me.  While it was an awkward and hurtful time in my life, my mom kept saying to hang in there because one day I would actually have boobs like the rest of my friends.

Fast forward a few decades and things haven’t changed very much in the development department.  So, I feel it’s my duty to share the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY of being a flat-chested girl (okay, woman).

The Good

  • My “boys” don’t sag.  Maybe they will one day but there is simply not enough “stuff” to sag.
  • I don’t have to wear a bra.  I usually wear one but it’s not because I need the support.
  • They don’t get in the way…ever.  How could they?

The Bad

  • I can’t find really cute or sexy bras that actually fit.  Victoria’s Secret doesn’t make a single bra that I can fill out.  I guess that’s one of the reasons why they haven’t asked me to become one of their angels.
  • Darts.  They simply don’t work for me.  The material pokes out but nothing else does.  
  • I’ve been mistaken for a guy on multiple occasions—twice while checking into a hotel with my husband!  I guess I need to wear more lipstick.

The Ugly

  • The yearly mammogram.  I know this is NO FUN for anyone, but ponder this for a moment:  If every single bra at Victoria’s Secret is too BIG for me, how in the hell is this routine test physically possible?  Sure, you can force the body to do just about anything, it just depends how much pain you’re willing to endure.

As much as I’ve poked fun at my boobs over the years, I wouldn’t change them for all the money in the world.  Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I’m very happy with my little ones.  Luckily for me, my husband prefers plums over melons…or so he says!

So let’s hear the good, the bad and the ugly stories about your boys.  Have they fought the battle with cancer and won?  Did you feed three wonderful children with them?  Remember, it’s not the size or the shape of your breasts that make you who you are; it’s what you have going on the inside that counts.

Love and accept yourself…you deserve it.



  • February 8, 2012

    The Good: my girls attract attention away from my hips. And often get me things…an ex called them Weapons of Mass Distraction. My Captain is captivated. Oh and in high school, where I was a cheerleader, we often had packed stands of fans even though we lost every football game for four years. go team!
    The Bad: before my reduction my senior year of high school (yes they are smaller than they once were), I had to have dresses custom made to fit my odd proportions.
    The Ugly: often bras for big “girls” are more like armor than they are sexy pieces.

    • February 8, 2012

      Women. We’re never satisfied! Love your comments Dana 🙂

  • Karen
    February 8, 2012

    The good – they fed my kids and I know my husband married me because he loves ME, not my boobs.
    The bad – even though they were tiny, they got even tinier and flatter after the babies and there was quite a bit of space between my padded bra and my boobs.
    The better – I took “care of business” a couple of years later and am happy to finally have something to balance out my hips a little.
    The best – we live in a country where we can choose what to do about things like this, if we can afford it, of course. Leave them as they are. Fix them up a bit. It’s our choice.

    • February 8, 2012

      Love it…and you look fabulous!!!! 🙂

  • Julie
    February 8, 2012

    Loved this article Molly! You are soo talented!
    I love how you truly care and want to inspire others!

    • February 8, 2012

      Thanks Julie! It was so great to spend time with you and your gang yesterday. Looking forward to seeing you again…SOON!

  • Rhonda
    February 13, 2012

    The Good: I am thankful they are still intact. I underwent a hysterectomy due to cancer, so my breasts are one of the few feminine body parts I still have left, so I am extremely thankful for them.

    The Bad: I was wearing a bra by the fourth grade. Also, I was thin everywhere but in the chest while young, so I would have to buy larger clothes to fit at the top, which then hung so loosely on the rest of my body.

    The Ugly: I find them heading south more and more each day. I can’t run for fear I’ll knock myself out. I can’t dive down very far in the water, because they are such excellent flotation devices and won’t let me dive down very far. lol!!

    Finally, I know every big boob joke out there!! 😀 I don’t know if that’s considered good, bad, or ugly!! 🙂

    Thanks again, Molly, for sharing such wonderful stories!!

    • February 13, 2012

      Thank you SO MUCH for sharing Rhonda…very, very funny while being thankful and grateful all at the same time. Stay well, laugh and smile every day…

  • Johan
    February 14, 2012

    My ex-girlfriend was pretty much completely flat-chested and absolutely didn’t need to wear a bra too. In the beginning of our relationship she was very embarrassed about it, and she wouldn’t let me see her naked. I couldn’t even touch her in that area.

    Thankfully, with time came trust, and I am not fooling around when I say she is the most beautiful girl I ever met. I knew that already the first time I saw her, but it took a long way before she trusted me with it.

    She had thought about surgery, but thank God she didn’t do it. I would have been devastated about it, and it is possible our relationship would have been in trouble, although it is the inside that matters. It is more the principle that I dislike most plastic surgery. (but we live in a free land, and ultimately it would be her choice)

    Thankfully she stayed the way she was, and after a lot of encouragement from me I believe she is truly happy with her looks now. She is not embarrassed anymore, and we even went topless to the beach several times, and sometimes went to the sauna (nude) at our local swimming pool. (We live in Europe, and keeping clothes on in a sauna can be forbidden here). It was a very special moment for her to start enjoying life and her body without being held back due to physical form. from that moment on, i was the luckiest man alive, because i feel like i made her confident, and i saw her becoming a proud person.

    unfortunately we split up a while ago when i found out she was dating another man, but that’s the way life goes sometimes. i say unfortunately because that is how i felt about it back then, but i met a fantastic women, who wouldn’t cheat on me (i trust her) and that, among lots of other things, is the most important thing.

    I absolutely do Not like it when girls have big breasts, but it is the inside that counts, and i wouldn’t really check the size of her breasts when dating for the first time, but if I could choose: A girl with small breasts or like my ex girlfriend would Definately be my first choice! my current girlfriend has pretty large breasts, 75C in Dutch measure, and of coarse I love her to bits, and i am planning to ask her to merry me soon, but secretly I sometimes still think about the beautiful breasts of my ex-girlfriend. AND i am shameful about it, and would Never cheat, but one cannot choose what someone is thinking 🙂

    • February 14, 2012

      Thank you for sharing such a personal story with us. And thank you for helping your girlfriend be more confident and comfortable in her own skin…good for you. Stay well and stay happy!

  • ella
    August 15, 2013

    am fifteen this year and am a size 32A.My younger sister is 12 and is already 2 cup sizes larger..all my classmates have bigger breasts and that leaves me feeling a little awkward,,i hate to admit it buht i hate my boobs..they are not perfect and are really small..iv tried loving them but its just not working..and my insecurity makes me not go out somtyms..i dont know if they are still growing and i have contemplated plastic surgery.
    I dont want to go down that road though..i need all the positive reinforcement I can get right now. your article really helped ..thank you

    • August 18, 2013

      Hi Ella. I’m glad this article helped you a little bit. Small breasts are beautiful. Your clothes fit nicely and they don’t sag even when you get older! Look for some photos of beautiful women with small breasts (like Kate Hudson who refuses to be like all the others in Hollywood) and remind yourself that you are LUCKY to have smaller breasts 🙂

  • Dan
    September 27, 2013

    Hi, I just wanted to say that iv’e dated girl with big breasts and iv’e dated girls with small breasts one was even flat chested and honestly I love small ones way more then big ones! I do surf the internet alot about women with small ones and honestly feel horrible sometimes about how alot of women and girls feel about being small and that they have no self esteem, feel like men won’t like them because there so tiny and also the fact that most women and teens can’t find anything that fits them or like one girl on here said theres no sexy bras or lingerie for small breasted women. Victoria secrets sure as hell try to keep small chested women away. I want to start a company that strictly caters to small chested women. I wanna make bras dresses and tops so dam sexy that any guy that sees it on a small chested girl will same dam thats hot, thus giving the girl more confidence about herself. I want a women that walks into my store to feel special and thats why she will be fully measured then we will go through patterns and fabrics for whatever she wants made. A sexy bra,bikini top,evening dress anything she needs will be specially made for her chest and no one elses. Every store cateres to normal to large chested women . Now it’s time now it is time for the small breasted girl to be catered too!!! After all your probably half the population. Your deserve to be seen as just as sexy as any other girl!!

    • September 27, 2013

      Let me know when and where you open your first store!

  • charlotte
    December 11, 2013

    I’m 19, with a size 32 A bra size. They will never get bigger, that I know, as I take after my grandmother, and my mom isn’t any bigger herself. Even though I’m still young, it took me a long time to be contented with being flat-chested. In highschool I got so tired of my friends playfully making fun of the fact that I had no boobs that I started making fun of myself before they could. That sounds ok, but it became so normal for me that I just accepted that it made me unattractive to the opposite sex and I would even catch myself making self degrading comments around my boyfriends. And that was not ok.
    I understand that having bigger breasts help make a woman more sexually appealing. I understand that nomatter what kind of guy I date, they will probably always enjoy a nice rack. hell, I even enjoy a nice rack. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be sexy too.
    I’m 5’9″ and relatively thin (though not light). Being flat chested comes with the body shape. And even though I have my bad days, I am proud to be a member of the itty bitty titty committee. My small boobs are adorable. they never sag. I can wear those weird dresses with the giant slit going down to above my naval and know that because I’m not busting out, I look sophisticated rather than tacky. I try to keep my stomach tight so that my small chest is complimented when I’m shirtless or in a bra. I also learned that a lot of the guys I’ve been into are ass men (as they call themselves) and so I still feel confident as long as I’m in shape (cuz come on, when you’re wearing something tight with small boobs your ass looks huge by comparison).
    I also realized that most of the time the size of my boobs are already on display for the world to see, and that if a guy didn’t like them so much, he won’t even approach me. So when a guy does, I just assume that he likes what he sees.
    I spent a lot of years being uncomfortable, and so my fashion style is still more on the side of tomboy or androgynous chic. But I’ve found a lot of my comfort in mini-skirts and good posture. The fact that I have boobs makes me feminine, regardless of their size.
    And lastly, for those looking for sexy bras in small sizes, I’ve heard it’s worth looking into stores in Asia. Entire countries composed of women with smaller breasts, you’d better believe they don’t discriminate with fashion.

    • December 13, 2013

      Charlotte: Thank you for taking the time to share your story–I’m sure your honest words will help a lot of other women feel better about themselves 🙂 Have a great holiday season…

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